Babysitting dogs and cats Prague

                                                                           I want to be policed and I want to play.

Welcome to our website dealing with individual babysitting pets of all kinds. We will try to fulfill all wishes to your and your pets. Every animal wants to have our PETNANNY.

We are here for you if you are going on vacation, illness, or you’re busy. We will find you and your pet petnanny by your needs to be satisfied and happy in your absence.

We will provide you watch your dog, cats and other pet at home through integrated into the foster family or visits to your home in Prague and its surroundings.

 Now you can take advantage of our services in the Ustí nad Labem and Karlovy Vary.


We’ve arranged for you dog nursery in beautiful Prokop Valley.

Do you have a demanding job? Or sometimes after work you want somewhere to linger and catch the return really pee your pet? Take advantage of the opportunity to put him in doggie daycare, where their can enjoy all day until you return. In the morning you picked him up in the evening tired and happy ready to take over cuddling 🙂 Dogs have a fenced plot of 3000m2, a lot of fun with the other dogs, agility obstacles and two walk around the Prokop Valley.

Accessibility to school is excellent subway Nové Butovice. More about the school can be found HERE.