For pet owners

Our company provides watch pets of all kinds. From hamsters over guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, chameleons, budgerigars, cats and dogs … Watch pets takes place by agreement either at the owner’s home or petnanny´s home. If you have a dog, we provide you petnanny for walking on the agreed dates and times, or watch for a long time either at your home or at petnanny´s home. It all depends on your wishes and requirements, which of course meet go down well especially your pets to feel satisfied and happy in your absence.

You need to watch hamster, guinea pig, chinchilla ….? SQUEAK

Walking the dogs and their long-term watch..? WOOF

Visit a petting cats …? MIAOU

If you are interested in watching your pet please write me at e-mail

How does it work? Read HERE.