Dog nursery

Recently we have arranged the opportunity to put the dog to doggie daycare in a beautiful Prokop valley near metro New Butovice.
Dogs can enjoy the day under the supervision of David Löbl, animal lover and owner of the Civic Association for the convergence of man and nature and the animals that own their amazing four females.

The fenced plot 3000 m2 enjoy a great day with two walks on the Prokop Valley, so when you go out you will not have to work on long tours to make your pet dog happy. Unless the weather is favorable, the dogs hiding in the house.

Soon I will post for you on-line tracking dogs in the garden to you at any time during the day to see exactly what your pet is doing.

And how it looks in the nursery?

Where is the dog nursery?
K Opatřilce 15, Praha 5, 158 00

GPS: 50°2’12.621″N, 14°21’14.299″E

How it goes in the nursery?

The nursery can give a dog a conflict-free, non-heating females. Include a leash behind him for a walk, a favorite toy and feeding if it wont eat during the day. At the first visit nurseries should bring vaccination certificate. You can also pack a favorite toy. 🙂

How much cost one day day in kindergarten?

One day at the dog school from morning to afternoon and evening hours is 300, – CZK. If you use the nursery get more quantitative pass up to 25% on the day.

We look forward to your visit 🙂