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Petsitting krysarik Jarmilka

By on 31 března, 2014

Jarmilka is lady in years and unfortunately has problems with joints and do not go too well. Legs not bend at all in the joints, so if running on rods. On walks she therefore did not enjoy much, but that did not mean she wanted to just lie at home. When the sun running around the yard in the grass and exploring the area. The very happiest was when I launched agamy home. Agama was great as she slowly, but it certainly Jarmilka Undaunted, on the contrary, a lizard terribly fond of it constantly oblizovala and when I separated and put back into the terrarium Agama, Jarmilka with that long compared, whimpered and watched until the terrarium it also gone out, and she could go to sleep. I like cuddling and slept curled up on a man’s lap, just sweetheart 🙂